8 Budget Small Garden Ideas for Creating a Stunning Space Without Breaking the Bank

Use your small garden's specific growing circumstances to save hundreds of dollars in plants over a decade. 

Match Plants to Growing Conditions

Choose a smaller potted perennial or annual instead of a pricey 1-gallon one. The plant will grow swiftly and save money. Starting with seeds is significantly cheaper.

Start Small

Spring-to-winter landscape workhorses provide color and texture. Use multi-season plants to anchor each season and save money on your garden. 

Select Multi-Season Plants

An adjacent neighbor is often within whisper distance of a tiny space landscape.

Plant for Privacy

Annuals only last a year, but perennials bring color for several seasons. Planting perennials in garden beds instead of annuals saves money over time.

Opt for Perennials

Perennials in tiny gardens can overrun their space. Early spring, dig and divide overgrown perennials. 

Take Advantage of Divisions

Plant one fast-growing annual in a large container to make a statement in a limited space. Plant choice matters. 

Add a Statement Container

Cedar boards are one of the most expensive raised bed garden components. Use logs from a fallen tree, stones or pavers, or even metal window wells instead of expensive lumber. 

Get Creative with Raised Beds