6 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Kokedama-Inspired Garden Alive

Start with the Right Soil

Kokedama's soil ball—form and function in one mud ball—is its most important part. The key is utilizing a 7:3 peat-akadama or bonsai soil mix (available at most garden stores).

Pick the Right Plant

Most people who grow at home will have the most luck with flowers and plants that can handle being in the shade for their kokedama. Begin with little, healthy plants.

Soak Your Moss

Wet your dried sheet moss all the way through and then squeeze it out to make it nice and damp. To get the most out of live moss, you should still soak it. Wrap the plant's visible roots tightly in a small piece of wet moss.

Cheat the System

Next, carefully make a hole in the top of your mud ball big enough for the plant's moss-wrapped roots. You might want to cut a small square if you can't keep your ball together or if you need more dirt.

Wrap It Up

Pick out big pieces of your damp sheet moss and press them around the ball of your plant so that they cover all of the dirt and/or weed cloth. First, wrap the moss ball once in nylon string and tie a knot to keep it in place.

Soak It

Mist your kokedama every day to keep it well-hydrated. This is especially important if you used live moss, which needs to stay damp. Take your kokedama down every so often and soak it in a sink full of water.